Mr. Carr

Meet the Band Directors!

Mr. Carr

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Mr. Allen

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Mr. Rios

Contact Information


Office Number: (832) 386-2937

Conference/Tutorials: 9:40am - 10:20am daily OR by appointment

Please note: I will not be able to answer my phone or reply to emails while class is in session.

Class Schedule

1A/5A (8:54 - 9:39) - Percussion
2A/6A (10:32 - 11:17) - Symphonic Band
2B/6B (11:21 - 12:06) - Wind Ensemble

Google Class Codes

Wind Ensemble: j4seiut

Symphonic Band: 5c47hp5

Percussion: crmnsgr

Assignments Due for Grades

All assignments in your Google Classroom marked with an * will be graded and entered into Skyward. While all daily assignments are important, it is very important that you complete the ones marked with an *!